luni, 20 noiembrie 2017

2 Business for Sale at Price For One

2 Business for Sale at One Price

It sells at EUR 16900 + VAT the Swarovski Crystal Jewelery Factory and the Laser and Mechanic Engraving Workshop, plus a Policromie automatic, but also hand-made, one-color automated tiling pad.

It sells absolutely everything, machines, jewelery, websites, all including Zigos registered trademark!

A 5% commission is given to those who want to mediate the sale and come with serious buyers.

An invoice is provided. Bitcoin, Monero or Etherium are also accepted.

Site addresses:

Phone info 0737009009, between 10-18 Monday - Friday.

Also available on whatsapp.

Examples of works performed in the engraving workshop.

Examples of manufactured jewelry.

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